Equidistant Exile Schedule

We have a week full of discussion and new creative work in-store from a variety of creative practitioners from Two Forty Four and beyond… Here is what you can expect! (More articles are being added to our line up all the time so be sure to keep an eye on the blog and our instagram feed for the unexpected!)

Blog Post Schedule

Instagram posting will follow the same time frame

Monday 19th13:00 – Calum Heywood’s introduction to his Isolated Portrait series.
14:00 – A Schedule of the Weeks events.
Tuesday 20th13:00 – Another Isolated Portrait from Calum’s series.
14:00 – Limiting the Frame, the Landscape through the Window by Alistair Grimley.
Wednesday 21st11:00 – Nathan Cox on being both a student and teacher during the national lockdown.
13:00 – Another Isolated Portrait from Calum’s series.
18:00 – Educational lockdown; Photography teaching during a pandemic by Emma Spencer.
Thursday 22nd11:00 – Home is where the Heart is by Daniel Oyegade.
13:00 – Another Isolated Portrait from Calum’s series.
14:00 – Lisa Oldroyd discusses the challenges of being a mother and PhD student.
– Nicola Dixon on being a parent, home teacher and photography student in lockdown.
Friday 23rd11:00 – Orrin Pierre: The Darkroom in Isolation.
13:00 – Another Isolated Portrait from Calum’s series.
14:00 – Naomi Lee Voss on Photo Walks as a method of creative inspiration.
15:00 – Kenny Brown on working as a freelance photojournalist during Lockdown.
Saturday 24th13:00 – Calum’s final Isolated Portrait
15:00 – Live Artist Talk with Calum Heywood, hosted by Alistair Grimley and Lisa Oldroyd.
15:45 – Live Q&A with Calum, Alistair, Lisa and some other contributors from the week.
Last updated: 20/10/2020 13:17

Each day this week Calum Heywood will be presenting a new image from his brand new lockdown inspiredIsolated Portraits series and culminating in a live-streamed artist talk and Q&A with other participants on Saturday. This will be hosted by Twitch.TV and can be watched live on TwoFortyFour.org/Live or on Twitch.tv/TwoFortyFourNetwork (please note that to interact with the stream via a live text chat you will need to watch directly through Twitch.TV and create a free account with them).

We have a variety of practitioners and creative thinkers posting through the week to the schedule above but given the difficult and ever-changing situation that times like these present, we may have to change or cancelled posts altogther. Keep following the blog and our instagram page for the latest updates.

We are hoping to add more posts to our line up over the week, so be sure to subscribe to our blog to get these posts direct to your inbox and follow us on Instagram for more amazing photography from our incredible members.

Enjoy Equidistant Exile, keep discussing, keep photographing and stay safe.
– The Two Forty Four Team

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