Introducing: Equidistant Exile

A week of original visual content and discussion exploring creativity in lockdown to better prepare for a potential second wave this winter.

19th – 24th October 2020 —

Two Forty Four is proud to present; Equidistant Exile, a week of visual content and creative discussion to better prepare for a second wave this winter.

As we stand on the edge of another potential national lockdown gripping the UK and with several regions already in partial lockdowns, there is now no better time than now to discuss how visual creativity was affected during the last national lockdown. The last lockdown saw many of us creatively crippled and understanding how our creative community overcame and adapted to the first lockdown will fundamentally help us better prepare and overcome the challenges that a second wave might present.

Starting on Monday 19th October and running throughout the week, several contributors from the Two Forty Four Network and beyond will be sharing and discussing creative practice in lockdown and isolation. Made up mainly of blog posts on and visual work sharing on instagram, the week will also feature the debut of Calum Heywoods Isolated Portraits project which was shot exclusively over the lockdown period in Lancashire. Each day of the week will feature a new portrait from Calum’s series, as yet unseen by the general public.

Isolated Portrait – Calum Heywood, 2020

The week of content will come to an end with a publicly available live streamed artist talk from PhotoUCLan Alumni and MMU post-graduate student Calum Heywood. The talk will discuss the themes of his Isolated Portraits work as well as how he molded and executed his ideas during lockdown. The talk will last approximately 40 mins (timings yet to be confirmed) and in an interview fashion with Two Forty Four co-directors Lisa Oldroyd and Alistair Grimley. But the week will be far from over, immediately following Calum’s talk there will be a live and interactive Q&A session with some of the week’s contributors where the public and Two Forty Four members can ask questions directly to our contributors.

Once completed the weeks worth of content and discussion will form an archive of creative thinking hosted by Two Forty Four and open to the public. This archive will act as a source of inspiration and reference for any creatives caught up in lockdowns or struggling with inspiration and motivation in these troubling times.

More information on our contributors and schedule will be released over the coming weeks so keep an eye on our social media platforms, especially instagram (@twofortyfournetwork) and blog for the latest announcements about Equidistant Exile.

Stay safe, keep creating and don’t give up!

Where have we been?

Welcome to the new Two Forty Four!

We’ve spent a bit of time away but we’re finally ready to show ourselves!

This is your new Two Forty Four Network:


This new incarnation of Two Forty Four looks something like this: Two Forty Four is here to provide you with everything you need to forward your photographic journey beyond your time at University. From Portfolio hosting to Careers advice, collaborative exhibitions to publications. Whether you are looking to enhance your career opportunities or develop as an artist, Two Forty Four will be with you all the way.

Our aim is to provide everything you could need to forward your photography. Support, Advice and Learning are at the heart of our plans. At the moment we are only just brining all of this online but keep a close eye on our website as more and more options become available to browse. Currently we are focusing on our social media presence, especially instagram where we want to get promoting and sharing the work of our members. Additionally we are focusing on getting this blog up and running to provide a stream of content including upcoming events and exhibitions, new work, job opportunities and more, this blog aims to be your centre of photographic information.

We envision Two Forty Four as the centre of your photographic needs. Providing information about the industry, tools to learn or refresh skills and a place to seek advice from peers.

Two Forty Four is your network, we will be with you every step of the way as your explore photography beyond University.