Equidistant Exile

A week of original visual content and discussion exploring creativity in lockdown to better prepare for a potention second wave this winter.

19th – 24th October 2020

As we stand on the edge of another potential national lockdown gripping the UK and with several regions already in partial lockdowns, there is now no better time than now to discuss how visual creativity was affected during the last national lockdown. The last lockdown saw many of us creatively crippled and understanding how our creative community overcame and adapted to the first lockdown will fundamentally help us better prepare and overcome the challenges that a second wave might present.

Starting on Monday 19th October and running throughout the week, several contributors from the Two Forty Four Network and beyond will be sharing and discussing creative practice in lockdown and isolation. Made up mainly of blog posts on TwoFortyFour.org and visual work sharing on instagram, the week will also feature the debut of Calum Heywoods Isolated Portraits project which was shot exclusively over the lockdown period in Lancashire. Each day of the week will feature a new portrait from Calum’s series, as yet unseen by the general public.

The week of content will come to an end with a publicly available live streamed artist talk from PhotoUCLan Alumni and MMU post-graduate student Calum Heywood. The talk will discuss the themes of his Isolated Portraits work as well as how he molded and executed his ideas during lockdown. The talk will last approximately 40 mins (timings yet to be confirmed) and in an interview fashion with Two Forty Four co-directors Lisa Oldroyd and Alistair Grimley. But the week will be far from over, immediately following Calum’s talk there will be a live and interactive Q&A session with some of the week’s contributors where the public and Two Forty Four members can ask questions directly to our contributors.

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Calum Heywoods Artist Talk and Q&A

As part of Equidistant Exile, photographer Calum Heywood spoke about his project of socially distanced portraiture called Isolated Portraits. Hosted by Two Forty Four co-directors Alistair Grimley and Lisa Oldroyd, Calum’s talk is followed by a Q&A session hosted by Alistair Grimley and Lisa Oldroyd featuring Calum Heywood and Daniel Oyegade.

First broadcast live on 24th October 2020

Timings for each section:
0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:05 Calum’s artist talk
0:27:46 Q&A Session starts
0:35:45 Daniel joins the Q&A
0:58:39 Wrapping up and thank yous

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Home Is Where the Heart Is – Daniel Oyegade

‘Home is where the heart is’ explores the efficacy of the pursuit of the ownership of land, specifically homes. The project asks why we seem so preoccupied with private land at the cost of community. Whereas, earlier humans lived communally and shared recourses, it seems as though people are retreating more and more into their […]

Teacher and Student: Nathan Cox on Education during Lockdown

We asked Nathan Cox to go through what it has been like for him juggling being a teacher and an Masters student; On the eve of what looks like another full lockdown I’ve been asked to write about my experiences of the first lockdown, although I know my situation wasn’t completely unique it wasn’t the […]

Limiting the Frame, the Landscape through the Window

Like many other creatives the national lockdown which began in March affected me greatly; As a photographer that studies the landscape, works on projects hundreds of miles from home and commutes over an hour to study at University, this brought my whole world to a sudden and abrupt end.  At the time of the lockdown […]

Socially Distanced Portraiture, an Introduction

To begin, this project started as a study of landscape development and local gentrification through exploration of how the UK was moving forward with power and energy, with the rise of green energy and subsequent decrease and removal of traditional power stations. The aim was to explore the effects this was having on a local […]

All Post in Order


Hi everyone, Calum Heywood here for the last time this week. For the last post of my takeover I wanted to share something a little different with portraits of myself that other people had taken from a social distance. This almost brings the project full circle and shows the behind the camera. This acts as […]

Kenny Brown: The Lockdown life of a Photographer

As Greater Manchester heads towards Tier 3 of the Governments new set of lockdown restriction, I find myself asking how much worse 2020 can get. I’ve also started looking forward to 2021, albeit with the same level of trepidation as a first time skydiving student, who finds themselves in that ‘arse-twitching’ moment between pulling the […]

Hebden Bridge Photowalk

These images are a collection from a photo walk around Hebden Bridge with Naomi Lee Voss. We planned the walk as a way to connect with other creatives. I set myself the goal of approaching people and asking to take their portraits from a social distance as a lot of the people I had shot […]

Lisa Oldroyd: Mother, Wife, PhD Candidate and Practitioner.

The lockdown and the random waffling’s of a multitasking mother;  I think that like most life-changing events, you always remember where you were. For me I was sat watching a live bulletin on BBC on the days leading up to lockdown making sure I was up to speed on what to expect! Well, so I […]


I had been planning to shoot Nathan’s portrait since the start of the project but I was unable to till a couple of weeks ago because he was still studying in Middlesbrough. Similar to the style I shot with Daniel I wanted to be more creative and test out new ways to take portraits. The […]


I shot Daniels portrait on a photo walk we took together around Manchester after the end of the first lockdown. I was being more experimental at this point in the project and trying to work more with scenery and experimental techniques. Rather than the more natural style I was using in the beginning.Both images are […]


I shot Orrin a bit further into the project when I was more comfortable moving around under the lockdown restrictions as I could cycle to shoot people from a social distance and class it as daily exercise. Orrin is also to thank for developing most of the film for the project in his home darkroom […]

Equidistant Exile Schedule

We have a week full of discussion and new creative work in-store from a variety of creative practitioners from Two Forty Four and beyond… Here is what you can expect! (More articles are being added to our line up all the time so be sure to keep an eye on the blog and our instagram […]

Introducing: Equidistant Exile

A week of original visual content and discussion exploring creativity in lockdown to better prepare for a potential second wave this winter. 19th – 24th October 2020 — TwoFortyFour.org Two Forty Four is proud to present; Equidistant Exile, a week of visual content and creative discussion to better prepare for a second wave this winter. […]