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If you haven’t already you should start writing your post, collecting images and working out how you want it to look. One of our team will be in touch soon to give you access to post to the blog, once you’ve done this once you’ll be able to do it again without submitting a new proposal. All posts must be checked and approved by the team before they become public on the site.


One of our team will be in touch by email shortly for more details about your talk. A short time later you will be invited to an interview to discuss the subject and themes. We will then work through the organisation and schedule for your talk! While you wait for us to get in touch we’d recommend working on your talk and preparing how you’re going to deliver it online.


You will be contacted soon with more details about when your takeover will be and how to login to our account when the time comes. Until then it’s a good time to work on optimising your images for instagram and creating an order for what you’re going to upload!