Hi everyone, Calum Heywood here for the last time this week. For the last post of my takeover I wanted to share something a little different with portraits of myself that other people had taken from a social distance. This almost brings the project full circle and shows the behind the camera. This acts as a sort of behind the scenes to the project framing the photographer as the subject both images are shot on the same camera as the rest of the images which give a consistent style. The first is by my partner on a trip to Wales and the second is from Daniel Oyegade


I had been planning to shoot Nathan’s portrait since the start of the project but I was unable to till a couple of weeks ago because he was still studying in Middlesbrough. Similar to the style I shot with Daniel I wanted to be more creative and test out new ways to take portraits. The first is a spontaneous natural photograph of Nathan at home with his cat Otis. The second is a set up shot of Nathan in the sea on Lytham St Annes beach. Personally I prefer how the first image came out because it fits with the rest of the project and explores the subjects personal space whereas the second uses a more sterile and contrived environment which although making for an interesting shot does not really give the view much information about the subject.


I shot Daniels portrait on a photo walk we took together around Manchester after the end of the first lockdown.

I was being more experimental at this point in the project and trying to work more with scenery and experimental techniques. Rather than the more natural style I was using in the beginning.
Both images are shot using Kodak Portra 400 set at 200 ISO to create the dreamy blown out look.


I shot Orrin a bit further into the project when I was more comfortable moving around under the lockdown restrictions as I could cycle to shoot people from a social distance and class it as daily exercise. Orrin is also to thank for developing most of the film for the project in his home darkroom as my usual lab was closed.